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Digital Marketing

At Flying Star Technologies, We deliver excellence as a product which stand out in the market and from the competitors. We provide value for money Digital Services to meet goals of individual and businesses around the globe. 

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

We have services to drive more traffic to your business not any traffic but we drive relevant traffic. From website development to analytics we cover everything. Choose service as per your requirement and then just sit back and relax we will take it from that point and will share the key points to focus.

Biggest problem is you always try to cover everything and you try to promote each and every products. Most of the business owner don’t even aware which of their products are doing wonders. So we make sure your focus on right products to the right audience with proper analytics.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Graphics Design & Strategy

Creative and Premium designing for your brand to stand out in the market. 

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Branding is creating trust. We help you to earn customers trust by creative stunning graphics and post for social media.

We understand your business and your ideas and come up with new ideas.

We analyze the competitors and study them. We create a strategy and creative graphics for your social media and also make a list of effective hashtags.

We have a team of creative graphic designer and analyst to make your brand stand out in the market. Mail us or contact us for a few of our reference work and list of features we offer.

Social Media Management

Social Media Booster for your pages with our in details insights and tools.

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Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in recent years. Almost all are using social media and why not. They provide rich tools to track your customer and re-target them.

With the proper strategy and proper social media setup, you can reduce your paid campaigns by almost 80%.

We help you to set up your pages and we also connect it with your website for analytics. Analytics will help you to focus your products and relevant traffic for those products.

We also create a stunning and effective post for social media. Mail us or contact us for more details and quotations. Our packages start from just from Rs.2500 per month.

Audience Analytics

Analytics of your website to focus on best performing products and pages.

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Analytics is the heart of marketing and promotions. Most of the users don’t even know what to promote and where to promote.

Analytics help you to identify your best-performing products and relevant client.

While running Facebook or Google Ads, It is very important to select the target audience or else you will waste your budget in no time.

Only Google Analytics is not enough, you have to use latest tools and tools which can make great use of Google Analytics.

We integrate premium tools with the website and categories the relevant audiences for relevant products.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for your Website & Stores with guaranteed results.

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A Must-have for any website whether it is static dynamic or an eCommerce website.

Most of the users think that developing a website is enough but they miss the major point of creating a website. Website is developed for marketing and promotion and you need proper SEO for the website.

There are tons of SEO service provider in the market so to whom to trust? Well in our case we get reference via our existing clients and via free consultations.

So to make your decisions easy we give you the statistics and future plans of the SEO we are going to perform on your website. If you like it then you make your decisions.

We provide monthly reporting of our work and that too in human-readable form. Most of the agencies just send the Google Analytics reports but we do what we love to do and we love to explain what we have achieved for your website, so our report will be detailed. Unlike others, we integrate premium tools with the website which give you in detail report of your website.

If you would like to see a few of the reports of our clients than just mail us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Copywriting & Strategy

Unique and creative content writing for your projects and websites.

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Content is King. You need to have better content. Content is the number one marketing strategy.

Website Development, SEO everything works when you have better content. Google only understand the content and it is creative and unique enough then they give you the sweet spot on the search ranking.

Content is what makes your brand and it is the major area via which you will get most of your traffic. Content also describes your brand so it has to the best.

We have a talented and experienced writer, who can make creative and unique content for your brand.


eCommerce websites with Unlimited Products and Indian Payment Gateway Integrated.

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The most trending platform of the season. All want to have a personal online store. We all tried to sell it via Market Places like Amazon and Flipkart and we learned many things. After the bitter experience business owner needs a personal online platform to sell the products.

Unlike previous years, every website has a space to perform well and get the sweet spot on the internet. Seller just needs a proper website. So here we are, our USP is e-commerce and we know in and out of the e-Commerce website. From website development to payment integration, you get all the services under one roof. Our website also comes with self-promoting abilities so your product will reach new highs every day.

Mail us or contact us for a list of features we offer for an e-Commerce website.

Website Development

Dynamic Website with Control Panel with Easy to USE SEO Tool to promote all pages.

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Website is the face of your company. It is working even if you are sleeping or eating. One should give more priority to the website at least equal if not the same as the physical store. We spend lacs of rupees to keep our physical store running so make space for a small amount for a website as well. 

We help you to get a Google Friendly Website by following all the rules and regulation that is not it, we also integrate tools to give your website self-promoting abilities.

We only use genuine designs and provide free lifetime updates if you opt for AMC.

Unlike others, we show you the designs first, where you can select design as per your requirements. Biggest advantage of this is that you have a total idea, how your final website will be which creates more trust in our services.

Email Marketing

We design newsletter for your campaign and send it to your audience for maximum impact.

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As the old saying goes, Old is Gold. It is 100% true. Even after years and with new ways of generating leads, Email Marketing is still the undisputed king.

We help you to use this great power and we design email templates for your campaign.

Key elements of any mailers are visuals and we help you to make it correct. 

We also help you to create your own account on EMail Service Provides and set it up for you.

By using the email services you can also track the email responses and prepare your future emailers.

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