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Flying Blog in budget

Super Mom Blogger

Features you get with the Flying Blog (Dynamic Blog Website). What is included and what is not included. Crystal clear details.

We are running limited period offer for our Flying Blog in Budget

Super Mom Blogger Website - WordPress Mom Blogger Website Mumbai India

Features You get with Flying Blog

Unlimited Pages

There are no limits on the number of pages. You are free to add Unlimited Blogs and No page limitations at all

Lifetime Free SEO Tool

Lifetime FREE SEO Tool with your website and you target unlimited number of keywords for each blog post and pages

Free eMail ID

Yes you read it right, You get 4 business emails ids each with 5GB Storage. This is a premium feature but it is FREE for a limited time


A working and SEO friendly robots.txt which makes your website more accessible to good robots and keep bad robots away

Google Search Console

We integrate your website with the Google Search Console to understand the website progress and plan your next post

Google Analytics

We integrate the premium tools with your website which shows all the Google Analytics Reports in human redable form

Tag Cloud

AI Based Tag Cloud System which actually works. With every tag cloud, it will make the category for similar tag cloud post

Social Sharing

Allow your visitors to share your post to the world and gain more visitors. We integrate all leading social media platforms to share

WhatsApp Chat

Allow your customer to talk to you on the go. 70% plus traffic is via mobile and this is again a great engagement booster

Spam Protection

SPAM can harm your online reputation and harm your website. We use strict rules to keep your website Spam Free

Web Firewall

One of the premium features to keep your website secure against the attackers and getting it hacked. Cloud based web Firewall

Bad Bot Protection

Bots can utilise all your server resources and make your website down. We regularly update the bad bots list to protect you

Responsive Images

We integrate tools to make your website images auto responsive on the fly and it will display device specific image for better SEO

Image SEO

Our AI based tool automatically adds the ALT Tag and Title and other thing and make your images are 100% SEO friendly

Image CDN

We integrate Content Delivery Network to deliver or display your images on the website which is way faster and load website in no time

Newsletter Subscription

A newsletter subscription form on your website to increase your subscribers which make your email marketing worth

Licensed Design

A website with licensed design which give you the lifetime updates for your website with every new version of WordPress

Reading Time

This will alert users for time required to read the post, which creates more interest for users to read the blog post


Favicon to make your website stand out in the multiple tabs. This give your website a unique identity. This is small but very effective 

Google Ads

We integrate the tools to integrate all your google ads. You can insert your google code on your website and start earning

Instagram Feed

Engage your visitors with the Instagram Feed of your page. This will also gain lots more followers on the Instagram Account

Add-On Features with Flying Cart

with Additional Cost

SMS Alert

You read it right, You also get SMS Alert for you subscribers. Every time you post a new blog it can alert all your subscribers

Notification Bar

Alert visitors about the campaign or new blog post via big notification bar. Make an announcement or anything

Progressive Web App

It has never been easier to add progressive web app features (PWA) to your website. It supports AMP and  OneSignal!

Floating Widget

Promote your paid blogs or sponsored blogs or new blog post via floating widget which is a engagement booster

Ajax Search

A powerful search to display your blog post in most effective way. Itz a ajax based search which is way faster and smarter

Advanced Comments

Comments are the heart of any blog website and we make sure it is super intuitive and dynamic, which make comments intresting

Table of Content

TOC is a big SEO booster and it also helps your reads to understand the flow of your post. They can jump to desired section with TOC

Facebook Like Comments

This is trending this days and visitors like it when they see similar user experience. We integrate Facebook comments with website 

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads give you the more control over your ad display and you can actually control the ads on each and every page

Features NOT INCLUDED in Flying Cart

Web Hosting

Selecting a right web hosting is must or else it will impact on the website performance. We can help you to get one

Domain Name

Domain name is must for the website. it is not included in the package but we can help you to get one for your website

Account Creation

We won’t create any account for your on Google for Google ads or we are not going to create any social media or business page

Website AMC

Cost above is One Time Development Cost for the website and doesn’t include the Website AMC. Website AMC includes many thing like updating website and securing website. Check following points which is part of the Website AMC. Website AMC is totally optional but actually it is required for any website. For example Google changes on average 7 to 10 rules a day and your website should follow all the rules or else Google will penalise and SEO will be affected. What is the use of the website when is not coming on the search engines.

Website AMC Includes

  • Regular website update with all the WordPress and WooCommerce updates
  • Update website modules
  • Update website design as per new design updates
  • Update Bad IP list to protect website
  • Update Bad Bot List to protect website
  • Update Web Firewall
  • Update website as per latest Google Rules
  • Update SEO Module as per availability
  • Update Spam Protection
  • Update website again latest threats
  • Regular website backup in case something happens to website
  • Many other under the hood changes and updates
  • Mail us and we will send you all the details
Flying Blog in Budget

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We will also send you the website designs for your new website on email, as displaying publicly is not recommended. For this offer we have predesigned set of websites but we can tweak it as required form color to structure as required. We will help you post max 5 blogs and we will share the video how to upload or post the new blog post. Actually this is better for both of us or else in future it will be difficult to add new post from your side and in this offer rate we can upload max 5 post only. Customer need to provide all the data like Logo, Products Details, Pages content for Home Page, About Us Page and other pages if any. We won’t create any data for you. Even in the normal website which has no budget constraint, Data needs be provided by the customer. Creating content and logo is not part of website development. Hope this helps and clear all your doubts. To check the designs you do not need to sign up. We can send you the design as you request it. These are fully functional demo and you will get the idea how your website will look.

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